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LCRA Board Meeting

November 29 @ 9:30 am

Town Pavilion
1100 Walnut, Kansas City, Missouri, 64016
EDCKC, Suite 1700, Jackson Room


Exhibit 2 – Minutes 10/25/17

Exhibit 3 – Financials October 2017

Exhibit 5A – Cramer Contract

Exhibit 5B – Cramer Release

Exhibit 5C – Cramer Resolution

Exhibit 6A – Convention Hotel Summary Project Diagram

Exhibit 6B – Convention Hotel Project Summary

Exhibit 6C – Convention Hotel Resolution

Exhibit 6D – Convention Hotel Second Amended and Restated Funding Agreement – Developer/LCRA

Exhibit 6E – Convention Hotel CID Funding Agreement – CID/LCRA

Exhibit 6F – Convention Hotel Redevelopment Agreement – TIF/LCRA/Developer

Exhibit 6G – Convention Hotel Sale/Leaseback and Acquisition Funding Agreement – LCRA/Developer/CID

Exhibit 6H – Convention Hotel Lease Purchase Agreement – LCRA/Developer

Exhibit 6I – Convention Hotel Personal Property Lease – LCRA/Developer

Exhibit 6J – Convention Hotel Lease Purchase Agreement – LCRA/CID

Exhibit 6K – Convention Hotel Personal Property Lease – LCRA/CID

Exhibit 6L – Convention Hotel Series A Bonds Offering Statement

Exhibit 6M – Convention Hotel Series A Indenture

Exhibit 6N – Convention Hotel Cooperative Agreement for Collection of Certain Special Assessments and Taxes – Jackson County/LCRA/CID/Developer

Exhibit 6O – Convention Hotel Series B Bonds Offering Statement

Exhibit 6P – Convention Hotel Series B Indenture

Exhibit 6Q – Convention Hotel Intercreditor Agreement

Exhibit 7A – APTS in Process


Additional Convention Hotel documents not included in Board packets:

Assignment of Leases and Rents – LCRA/Wells Fargo

Assignment of Project Documents – LCRA/Developer

Building Loan Agreement – LCRA/Developer/Wells Fargo

Construction and Disbursing Escrow Agreement – LCRA/Developer/Contractor/Wells Fargo/City of Kansas City/NBH Bank

Continuing Disclosure Agreement (Series 2017A) – LCRA/Dissemination Agent

Continuing Disclosure Agreement (Series 2017B) – LCRA/Dissemination Agent

Cooperative Agreement – LCRA/CID/US Bank

Cooperative Agreement – LCRA/TIF/Trustee

Deed of Trust, Assignment of Leases and Rents, Security Agreement and Fixture Filing – LCRA/Wells Fargo

Loan Agreement – LCRA/Developer

Promissory Note – LCRA/Wells Fargo

Series 2017A Bond Purchase Agreement – CID financing

Series 2017B Bond Purchase Agreement – TIF financing

Tax Compliance Agreement – LCRA/Trustee

Use Agreement Term Sheet – LCRA/Developer/Hotel Operator.CID










Town Pavilion
1100 Walnut
Kansas City, MO 64106 United States
+ Google Map
(816) 221-0636