Gary Sage

Research and Policy Officer Gary Sage Retires After 17 Years of Service at the EDC

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Gary Sage has worn many hats in his combined 17 years with the EDC. In addition to his current role as research and policy officer, Sage has spent time as business and retention officer, business expansion officer, director of business development, executive director of business development and co-president. And he has loved every minute of it.

“I have immensely enjoyed it,” said Sage. “It has been an overwhelming pleasure to work for the EDC.”

Even in his most recent role he wore two hats. He was responsible for all research in support of the business development team and wrote the organization’s business development officer training manual and incentive manuals.

In addition, he collaborated with the City, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and Kansas City Civic Council to develop the official legislative agenda for the City of Kansas City, Missouri. His work took him to Jefferson City to testify before the legislature about research on the fiscal impact of state budget decisions on economic development in the city.

Sage recalls that over his 17-year tenure, his most notable and impactful project was working alongside Mayor Kay Barnes to craft legislation for the Missouri Downtown Economic Stimulus Act that made the Power and Light development possible. Being at the state capitol for the passage of the law was his favorite memory of working at the EDC.

Prior to his time with the EDC, Sage worked for the Missouri Department of Economic Development, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and Midwest Research Institute in addition to serving as president of Metropolitan Community College Business and Technology campus.

Retirement for Sage will include travel – he would like to go to Portugal, Spain and Italy, catching up with friends and family and finally tackling his reading list. He also plans to stay involved in economic development issues by working on initiatives such as Stand Up KC, a proposal to increase pay for low-wage workers.

Join us in thanking Gary for his years of service and wishing well into the future.